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The State of Radiation Oncology in Iran


A Time for Optimism? The State of Radiation Oncology in Iran

IntroductionThe practice of radiation oncology and the treatment of canceraround theworld is currently an important topic inmedicine. Inthis edition of “Around the Globe,” we usher you to a destinationless renowned for its advances in radiation oncology.Iran, once known as Persia, conjures myriad images for worldtravelers, food enthusiasts, politicians, historians, and scientists:its picturesque nature; exotic ancient architecture andlabyrinthine bazaars; an overwhelmingly young population;and an ancient civilization with notable kings, politicians,poets, mathematicians, and scientists. With a Caspian Seacoastline in the north and a Persian Gulf coastline in the south,Iran is the second largest nation in the Middle East, the 18thlargest in the world, and the seventh largest producer of crudeoil. Of an estimated 2013 gross domestic product (GDP) of$1.296 billion USD, health expenditures were, however, 6.7%ofGDP,which ranks the country at only 87th in theworld (1, 2).Cancer and its treatment have a long presence in Iran’shistory, dating back to medieval times and early modernPersia. Today cancer is the third leading cause of death in acountry that has been witness to a recent increase in itsincidence. This increase can be attributed to multiple factors,including higher life expectancy, elevated stress levels, risingcost of health care, and more reliable detection methods,


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