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"The AIPM is an independent, non-political, non-governmental professional body, engaged in the application of physics in medicine and biology and is comprised of Iranians and those of Iranian descent who are professionally engaged in medical physics throughout the world. Other Iranian scientists and professionals who are interested in the goals and objectives of the AIPM, as set in Article 4, and who meet the membership requirements, as specified in Article 5, can join this association. AIPM is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in the U.S. and its resources are strictly used to foster and promote the objectives of the association."

Mission Statement

The mission of the Association is to advance the practice of physics in medicine and biology by encouraging innovative research and development, disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering the education and professional development of medical physicists, to promote communication between the various branches of medical physics and allied subjects, and advocate the highest quality medical physics services for patients.



Welcome from the President


On behalf of myself and longtime members of the Association of Iranian Physicist in Medicine (AIPM), while welcoming new members, I hope that your continued presence and dear ones will pave the way for our future advancements, and together we will see superior and worthy successes in this field. To be medical physics.

With more than 250 active members, this group is a new door to the exchange of ideas and information, and together we will see more opportunities for exchange and consultation around the world.

In this community, we see the presence of talented and empowered youths who keep the light of hope on us every year.

Your presence in this group is our honor and we look forward to your constructive comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

Dr. Ali Fatemi


Ali Fatemi. PhD. MCCPM



از طرف خودم و اعضا قدیمی انجمن فیزیکدان‌های پزشکی امريكايي -ايراني، ضمن خوشامدگویی به اعضا جدید، امید دارم که حضور مستمر و پررنگ شما عزیزان راه ما را برای پیشرفت‌های آینده هموار نموده و در کنار هم شاهد دستیابی به موفقیت‌های برتر و شایسته‌ای در زمینهٔ فیزیک پزشکی باشیم

این گروه با دويست و پنجاه عضو فعال، دریچه اي نو به سوی تبادل افکار و اطلاعات می‌باشد و در کنار هم شاهد خواهیم بود که از سرتاسر جهان، راه برای مبادله و همفکری بیشتر فراهم گردد

ما در این انجمن هر سال شاهد حضور جوانان شایسته و توانمندی  هستیم که چراغ امید را در میان ما روشن نگاه مي دارند

حضور شما در میان این گروه مایهٔ افتخار ماست و منتظر نظرات و پیشنهادات سازندهٔ شما هستیم. ریاست این انجمن مایه افتخار و سربلندی اینجانب می‌باشد و امیدوارم در کنار هم شاهد بهترین‌ها باشیم


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